Academic research

Student film crew at University of Sussex
Student film crew at University of Sussex, November 2016

Brighton Morris are happy to support any academic study, research or artistic endeavour.

The research could relate to traditional music, dance and customs, or indeed psychology, sociology, political, gender, business, or health studies. Photography, art and audio clubs and societies wishing to explore the world of dance and imagery are also welcome.

We are a male group of mixed ages training and performing in Brighton and have operated as a successful team for nearly 50 years.   We have close links to a female morris group, Cuckoo’s Nest, and other Morris teams across Sussex. We have contributed to several research projects at GSCE, A level, degree, MSc and PhD levels, and have supported photographers, artists and theatrical groups.

Please include with your request your name and contact details, your field of study and the topic of your research, an idea of what you want from us for example interviews or questionnaires, to film or draw us dancing or rehearsing, or to make sound recordings, and how the information will be used (for example in a school project, thesis or published paper, etc.). It also helps to gives an idea of the timetable you are working to.

We are a proud part of a very long tradition in English folk dancing that dates back to the 15 th century. We feel strongly that it is important to preserve and record this great tradition.

So if it suits your research, we will be more than happy to share some time with you. Whilst we do not have any dancers in our side from the 15th century (there are other sides in the country that do), we have a history in the Brighton area that can be traced back more than 50 years.

All requests are appreciated and will be considered based upon availability. We do not charge for our time.

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