Here to entertain

Dancing at Rolling out the Old Oct 2014

Book Brighton Morris for your event. Our contact details are at the foot of every page.

We perform: 

  • outside pubs
  • at community and charity events, festivals and fairs
  • at conferences, weddings and parties, and 
  • outside pubs.

We run workshops:

  • in schools, 
  • for youth groups, 
  • at festivals and 
  • for other dance and cultural organisations.

We also support students in schools, higher education and adult learning organisations who wish to study our dance tradition.

We have public liability insurance. For pub stands during the summer we don’t charge but we do pass the hat round for donations (and a barrel of beer won’t go amiss!). 

We do not normally charge for educational and research bookings either (but we may need to ask for expenses).

For everything else we have a sliding scale of fees (and a barrel of beer won’t go amiss!)  – contact us to discuss your event.

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