Want to join?

You do not need previous experience of morris or dance to join us (but of course if you are already a morris dancer – or ‘just’ a dancer – you are more than welcome!). Just get in touch (our contact details are at the foot of every page) so we can book you into one of our  practice sessions. 

Other info

Our dances are in the Cotswold style – that’s with sticks and hankies. There are other kinds of morris which we don’t do, including Border, Clog and Molly. And swords. We don’t do swords.

We have a strong team of musicians too – if you would like to play for Brighton Morris get in touch. 

We do not have probation or apprentice periods. New members dance in public as soon as you are ready.

Practice nights, and many of our performance nights, are on Thursdays. For practice, bring shorts and a T-shirt. We start with warm-up exercises before working on two or three dances each night. Traditionally we end each session with a warm down in a nearby pub. 

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