Dancers – What to expect

And hook... St George's Day 2016 (Photo copyright Roz Bassford-South)

And hook… St George’s Day 2016 (Photo copyright Roz Bassford-South)

We welcome anyone who wants to learn and dance the Morris. It’s best if you join us at or near the start of the practice season in October. 

If you have danced before – great! If you are new to Morris, we will teach you! We do not have probation or apprentice periods. If you can learn the dances, you can dance them in public as soon as you are ready.

This is all we ask:

  • You are male (Brighton also has a thriving women’s morris side, Cuckoo’s Nest)
  • You look old enough to go into a pub
  • You are free on Thursday evenings
  • You are willing to turn up to practices and learn the dances

Practices last for two hours and are energetic, so bring shorts, teeshirts and trainers, and a towel. The first year is free (but we expect you to pay for your kit), then there is an annual sub to cover the hall rental and other costs such as insurance.

We teach collectively as a team but beginners get one to one mentoring. We all learn in different ways, but usually by your first season you will have grasped the basics and be able to dance out in public. The team you are joining includes all shapes and sizes. We are a supportive and sociable group and, because we are a team first, age and background is irrelevant.

Get in touch to find out more.