St George’s Travels – a multicultural celebration for St George’s Day

Date - 21/04/2018
7:30 pm - 10:30 pm

St Luke's Church

A very special event for us to launch our 50th year of dancing…

Come and celebrate St George’s Day with music and dance from around the world featuring

  • The Copper Family
  • Benav
  • Brighton Morris
  • Byalata Lyastovitsa

This concert celebrates St George and his legacy with performers from a variety of national and ethnic backgrounds, all of whom currently live in Sussex. 

Brighton Morris are delighted to be performing alongside

  • The Copper Family – Britain’s best known family of folk singers, with a tradition of singing stretching back at least eight generations.
  • Benav play Anatolian music – which includes Kurdish, Armenian and Middle Eastern culture – with a contemporary edge.
  • Byalata Lyastovitsa (The White Swift) are a Brighton-based group who who perform folk dances and re-enact rituals and traditions from all around their native Bulgaria.

St George is well-known as the patron saint of England – but he is also the patron saint of Ethiopia, Portugal, Georgia and many other countries, regions and people all round the globe.

He lived in the Middle East in the 3rd century, where he was put to death for his beliefs. He was a slayer of dragons, a healer, a liberator of slaves and a bringer of good fortune. Over the centuries, his influence has spread around the world, inspiring stories, music, dance and celebrations wherever it goes.

Tickets are available on the door £7.50 / 6 (this concert is not organised by Brighton Morris). Refreshments.

Please note that this concert takes place on Saturday April 21st, rather than St George’s Day itself (April 23rd) which falls on a Monday this year.